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black and loud fest is a celebration of black fronted bands that everyone is invited to.

Categorically, through the entire history of music and American culture, Black folks have not received proper love or credit, and if they do it is not until decades after their passing. From Sister Rosetta Tharpe to Seattle's Tina Bell to the contemporary pioneers Fishbone, in the PNW, Black-fronted bands have been in need of the proper support and recognition of the impact they've made on music history. After a music festival where they were the only Black bands on the bill, King Youngblood's Cameron Lavi-Jones and Down North's Anthony Briscoe aligned to do something about this issue and assembled an incredible team of pros to create Black and Loud Fest. Backed with the support of title sponsor Jack Daniel's, this festival was born from the DIY spirit to give folks the chance to prevent history from repeating itself. Black and Loud Fest aims to celebrate these bands with folks from all walks of life by sharing experiences and insights about these issues, giving the talented and underrepresented community of alternative Black artists their flowers, and throwing one of the most kick-ass music festivals in the Pacific Northwest. And guess what?


No matter who you are, you're invited. Let's tear it up together.

live Black-centered Seattle music

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